How to manage portfolio on Google Sheets

Manage what are your targets for different stocks in your portfolio

Ever thought about your ideal portfolio, what will it look like?

Your plan should always be ready, and to make this happen we’ll have a target portfolio rather than current portfolio, which will clearly state, what are your individual targets for each instrument.

Why do you need this? Imagine when the market will be a in a correction phase, you should have a clear picture which stocks you’ll be picking up.

Therefore the best application to track this would be google sheets, where it will show you your current portfolio, your profit/loss, which stocks are you missing from your target portfolio.

This also has interactive charts for easier analysis/visualization which is explained after the input sheet explanation.

Let me show you how the input sheets looks

The columns A,B,C,D,E are required input from you rest the sheet automatically does for you. The latest price is fetched by the Google Finance and therefore it calculates the profit and other calculations.

About these 5 columns

A - Name of stock (In exact same symbol as in NSE) B - What’s your buying average C - Quantity of stocks held D - Target % => What % of this stock you want to have in your portfolio E - Name of sector of this stock

Now these are how the chart looks

Descriptions of these 5 charts -

  • Current portfolio - shows whats the allocation of your current portfolio
  • Portfolio Target - shows whats your target of portfolio
  • Profit % - shows whats the profit percentage of each instrument
  • Difference from portfolio - if the % is -ve (bars facing left side) means you have additional stocks of the corresponding stock
  • Market cap - Shows what % of allocation of your current portfolio in which market cap

Also, its very easy to add more columns/charts in the sheets if you want to track some other metrics as well.

If you have any suggestions, comment down below.

For getting started, clone the below document by opening this link and going to File → Make a copy