Jarvis - Zerodha trading helper

Jarvis will help you to fire any trade with calculated risk, and help you trade within limits.

Hello fellow traders -

Are you tired of losing money in the stock market just because you are not getting disciplined enough?

Have you thought through that in intraday trading what’s the number one reason why you aren’t able to do well and burn a big hole in your pockets?

Don’t worry, Jarvis is here to help. Right now this baby Jarvis will help you only in managing your risk per trade, but eventually as this grows he’ll be able to do a lot of stuff.


  • Add this plugin to your chrome
  • Login to your Zerodha trading
  • Enter your risk per trade
  • Enter your % stoploss for each trade
  • Automatically loads up the calculated quantity

Future of Jarvis

He’ll remain free for everyone, just remember the father of Jarvis in your prayers. Jarvis was born on 22nd November 2o2o so please hold your horses as he’s a baby right now. Growing up he’ll be able to able to help you in many ways possible -

Planned growth of Jarvis

In the future, Jarvis will be helping you -

  • Analyzing your winning/loosing trades
  • Showing you how much brokerage you’ll be paying
  • Handling prices of options/futures
  • Working on Upstox/Alice

Shutup and show me Jarvis

Enough talking for now

As of Nov 2020, this is how Jarvis looks -

Here you can enter the % stoploss, and risk per traade.

Update 12th December: Jarvis has now born and you can try him out here - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ijobgiajjnljalbobenleknenhkcionc?authuser=2&hl=en

For a better explanation watch this short youtube video -

Please leave your comments down below, if any suggestions/bugs.


As mentioned earlier that Jarvis will be completely free, this beast will be used by traders accross India (For now atleast :P), so it would be great that if you could help me figure out the how should I take care and plan the up-bringing of Jarvis so please give your valuable feedbacks/suggestions in the comments down below.

And if any bugs/issues, please don’t be super angry, just list down camly.